Resolution Supporting the Grant of Federal Charter to Korean War Veterans Association, Incorporated.

WHEREAS, the officers and members of the Korean War Veterans Association, Inc. are concerned for the well being of the approximately seven and one half million American military service members that served the Korean War during actual hostilities and in subsequent roles to preserve the freedom and independence of the Republic of Korea and the security of the United States in the far east;

WHEREAS, on July 27, 2005, the 52nd Anniversary of the signing of the Korean Armistice Agreement, HR-3476-IH was introduced in The House of Representatives; and, S-1512-IS was introduced in the Senate of the United States accompanied with comment: “Granting this Federal Charter, at no cost to the government, is a small expression of our appreciation for the extraordinary courage and sacrifice of our forces in Korea and will afford the Association the same status as other major veteran organizations”;

WHEREAS, this association is the only fraternal veterans association in our nation devoted exclusively to Korean veterans, is the only US member of the Internal Federation of Korean War Veteran Association – IFKWVA, Seoul, Korea; and, whose National President presently serves on the Executive Council of the world body; thus, the KWVA is the only United States veterans group gaining world wide attention;

WHEREAS, The Korean War was one of the most important events of the 20th Century because for the first time force was used to contain communism and had North Korea succeeded in adding territory to the Communist bloc of nations through a force of arms they would have tried again and again; however, a degree of stability came upon the world scene because COMMUNISTIC MILITARY AGGRESSION WAS DEFEATED IN KOREA;

WHEREAS, the granting of a Federal Charter to the Korean War Veterans Association appears to be weakly supported by Congress, veterans organizations of wars and conflicts occurring since the Korean War have been granted Federal Charters; such as, The Vietnam Veterans of America, U.S. Air Force Sergeant’s Association, African American Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Association, and others;

RESOLVED, that the members of the Republican National Committee express their gratitude to these brave veterans, many of which are still afflicted by injuries, honor the memory of those that paid the ultimate sacrifice, and support the U.S. Defense personnel still assigned to South Korea by calling upon their individual Senators and Representatives, asking them to support these two bills so that this veterans organization receives the same recognition already granted to most veteran groups.

The Republican National Committee, meeting in The Capitol, unanimously approved the foregoing Resolution Jan. 20, 2006.  KWVA Legislative Chairman Roy Burkhart was seated in the gallery and received a standing ovation when recognized by the Chairman.

I ask that ALL KWVA Members make a copy of the foregoing Resolution and hand-deliver, by letter, to the local offices of their Members of Congress as soon as possible.

KWVA National President

(Posted 1/24/06)