Federal Charter Granted June 17, 2008

The Korean War Veterans Association (KWVA) was incorporated in June 1985 and since that time many people have worked tirelessly to obtain a federal charter from the United States Congress.

Over the course of the years, the following people have spent many hours contacting and/or working with congressional leaders to support the granting of a charter. Credit must be given to the following individuals for their efforts:

Blair Cross (deceased)
Bob Banker
Ed Buckman
Jack Cloman
Harley Coon
Ray Glock
Sherman Pratt
Charles Reed, Jr.
Boris Spiroff
Bill Weber

General Ray Davis (deceased)
Jeff Brodeur
Anthony Cirincione
Carl Collier
Sam Fielder, Jr.
James Hussey
Charley Price
Billy J. Scott
Annelie Weber

On June 25, 2007, Senator Cardin of Maryland introduced S1692 which was approved by the House on June 17, 2008. The Senate has introduced bills to grant a federal charter to the KWVA during the past several congressional sessions but the House was unable to get their legislation out of the Judiciary. S1692 was enacted into law during the Lou Dechert administration and thanks must also be given to him for all his time and effort.

Congressional staff members who devoted time and effort in keeping the KWVA informed of activity were members of Senator Cardin’s office and Congressmen Hoyer and Johnson’s offices.

Ed Buckman
KWVA National Legislative Director

(Posted 6/21/08)