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Not Only Are You "NOT FORGOTTEN"
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This is an email received on November 9, 2001. I believe this applies to all of you that served. Be proud, stand tall and most of all remember that there are many many people out there that have not forgotten...

To the Fathers of Korean Freedom,

I am writing to you today with great emotion. As a 26 year old American of Korean descent, I know that my freedom to be an American, to love our country, to salute our flag, and to pledge allegiance to it, did not just become available to me on the day I became a citizen of the United States, but that it was given to me as a precious gift, 50 years ago when you (My Veteran Fathers) fought for, defended, restored and still today, preserve the freedom of the people and country of my parents, the Republic of Korea.

Just days prior to Veterans Day 1984, I was taught for the very first time of the Korean War as an 8 year old. It was during a history lesson and the teacher wrote on the chalk board all the students' shouted responses of wars fought in history. What she did next, would stay with me forever, she wrote in silence, "The Korean War, 1950 - 1953".

I remember racing home that day, running up to my father asking him if he knew anything about this war. My father's countenance spoke volumes of what words would only have failed as he knelt down and promised me that he would tell me all about it when I got older. 8 years later, my father would share memories that still stir great emotion, pride, and deep appreciation for you, my Veteran fathers.

One poignant memory that was shared took place in the city of Suwon, outside of Seoul in the spring of 1952. My father was separated from his family.  Alone and living in a shelter for orphaned children, my father told me the stories of his heroes, the American soldiers. He recalled the gentle and gracious eyes of these soldiers as they passed chocolates, candies, and raisins to him and the other children as they marched on towards battle. He shared with me how his heart weighed heavy as he wept for and prayed for these men, along with his older brother who fought in the war. He prayed that they all would have a valiant fight and a safe return. My father shared with me of the fear that was met with untold bravery, courage met with valor, and honor displayed with a noble humility. From the many stories and tearful memories of my father, I am reminded of how we are able to see a free Republic of Korea today, because of you and all the fathers of Korean freedom who laid their lives in that distant land.

As I gaze look into the flag of our country, and gaze into her glorious stars and stripes, I am reminded of this truth that so many had taken for granted, and millions are relearning, that Freedom is not Free.

My Veteran Fathers, you fought in a country that was not your own, for a people you did not know nor belong to. You fought and served in a war you did not choose to be in, but you did, and you gave. For this, this son of yours is grateful beyond words.

Since September 11, I have been awakened, along with millions of my fellow Americans, to my country and my freedom being threatened. In the wake of the tragedy, and deaths of people I loved and the thousands who perished with them, I found strength in the shadow of God's loving arms in Christ Jesus and I was also encouraged by the memory of you. You fought to give us the freedom and liberty we enjoy today. Our freedom and your legacy will not be diminished, but will only grow stronger as America's heart beats with a deeper understanding and appreciation for you and all veterans. Please know that this son's heart beats with deep respect, honor, tribute, appreciation, and a son's love for everyone of you and all my Veteran Fathers. God bless you and keep you, God cause His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you. The Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace. Thank you.

With deep appreciation and respect,

E.D. Park


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