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I am Inyang Jo from Seoul, Korea.

50 year ago, Korean War broke out, and my mother was born three days after that.  My grandmother told me that when she was packing to escape, my aunt was so excited because she thought that her family was going to picnic.  But we all know it wasn't that pleasant trip.  During that chaos, my mother was born, and my grand mother was so worried about her baby. Because nothing was unsure for her future.

Now she has a husband and two children who loves her very much.  And she is a elementary school teacher.  I am her daughter who is about to graduate from university.  I bought a shirt for her birthday, it is green. Green is great on her.

I am writing to you to say how I am grateful for your being at that tragic war.  Not only my country's young men but also young men from all over the world fought for justice, peace and liberty. Consequently, you got hurt and even killed.  I am sure my mom has had happy life because of that sacrifice of yours.

I thank you for safety of my mom and her family.  Because of you, I am here having my mother whom I love more that anything in the world.

Therefore I want you to know that as long as Korea exists, as long as my mother lives and I live and my kids (I don't have them yet, though) live, you can never be forgettable.

Inyang Jo


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