Preliminary ELECTION RESULTS 2005

07/11/2005 - 23:14 Hrs

The raw figures on the 2005 Election have been provided to me at this late hour. The total analysis is not yet available, such as total number of voters, etc.

The results are:

William F Mac Swain, LR26546
Warren H Wiedhahn, LR06555
Robert S Banker, RO28382
Jeffery J Brodeur, LR35528
John G Edwards, LR08658
1147 votes Elected 3 years
 814 votes Elected 3 years
 799 votes Elected 3 years
 797 votes Elected 3 years
 771 votes Elected to fill two years
  remaining on office resigned by Harley Coon
Donald M Byers, LR03658
Robert F Fitts, LR25998
Christ Yanacos, LR11094
Robert J Simon, LR19434
  724 votes
652 votes
616 votes
601 votes

I have called all of those elected except Bill Mac Swain whose number was continually busy. Due to the lateness of the hour I decided not to call those who did not get elected until 07.12.2005.

I congratulate all who entered this election and ran to better the KWVA.
I particularly thank the men who ran but lost, and urge that they continue to promote the good of our order and run again in the next election if that is their goal at that time.