To KWVA Membership

Due to a printing error, the ballot included in the March/April issue of The Graybeards contains a misprint in the address. The ballot shows IL (Illinois) whereas the correct state designation should be AZ (Arizona). All other information (including Zip Code) is correct. I have consulted with the Manager of my local Post Office and he has advised that our ballots will be machine read and should be received at the proper address. In addition, I have so informed our CPA and she will review this matter with her Post Office to ensure uninterrupted delivery of the ballots.

Therefore, you may delete IL from the ballot and substitute AZ.

While this is an embarrassment to all concerned, for which we apologize, I am confident that the ballots will reach their intended destination without delay. Please disseminate this information as soon as possible.

If there are any questions, please feel free to contact me by referring to my listing in The Graybeards as a Director (Term: 2005-2008)

Robert S. Banker
Nominations/Election Committee

(Posted 4/26/06)