To KWVA Membership

Due to a printing error, the ballot included in the March/April issue of The Graybeards contains a misprint in the address:

The Post Office Box number is wrong... all other information is correct.  Please correct your ballot before you mail it to read:

Donna Burrows, CPA
P.O. Box 14948
Tucson, AZ  85732

I notified our CPA and she went to her Post Office first thing Monday to see if they would agree to and be able to forward the ballots to her correct PO box, and they agreed to do so. This should make it so no more ballots will be returned and will actually reach the CPA.

While this is an embarrassment to all concerned, for which we apologize, PLEASE HELP US NOTIFY as many members as you can about the correction so that the ballots will reach their intended destination without delay.

If there are any questions, please feel free to contact me, my phone and email are listed below.

Richard E Brown, Sr
Elections Committee
Ph: 610-670-2886

(Posted 4/24/10, Updated 4/30/10)