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Officer & Director Election 2010

Information below will be published in the March/April issue of The Graybeards.
(Pictures of candidates can be seen in the "As published in The Graybeards" when it is released)

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To:  The KWVA Membership and Candidates
Subject:  Certification of Candidates for the 2010 Election

As the new Chairman of the Elections Committee, I repeat my predecessor's request that EVERY Member
VOTE this year. The number of votes cast in 2009 for the four Directors was pathetic. Only 2,881 ballots were received (out of 17,000 plus), and only 2,817 were valid.

There were some with no labels, some voted for more candidates than authorized, some were no votes, and a few were not eligible (dues not up to date). This year's election is more important because you will be voting for a President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, and four Directors.

Please note that there are three candidates for President. You must vote for only one. There is only one candidate for First Vice President and none for Second Vice President, so that is a "no brainer."

There are five Directors listed, but you must only vote for four.

All applicants for office have been verified by the committee as qualified to fill the position they have applied for. PLEASE VOTE!

Director Richard E, Brown, Sr.
Chairman, Elections Committee

(Posted 4/16/10)

Click the following links for the Candidate submissions:

Click HERE to view as published in The Graybeards

Webmaster Note:  I am waiting for the arrival of copies of the original
candidate letters for posting as has been done in the past.

NOTE:  The following are PDF Copies of the ORIGINAL letters
submitted to the Election Committee...

NOTE 2: The names listed below are in Alphabetical Order,
no specific endorsement is implied or expressed.



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