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Korean War Veterans Digital Memorial Foundation Commemorative Posters


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Korean War Veterans Digital Memorial Foundation Commemorative Posters

The Korean War Veterans Digital Memorial Foundation, Inc. (KWVDMF, www.kwvdm.org) has produced its three official 18" x 24" posters to commemorate the 60th Anniversaries of the U.S.-Korea Alliance and the Armistice of the Korean War: mosaic images of the Korean Peninsula, the Stars and Stripes, and the Korean Flag. All the pictures and artifacts in the mosaic images of these three posters have been donated by Korean War veterans whom KWVDM Foundation has interviewed since 2011.

The whole design concept was proposed by President of KWVDM Foundation Dr. Jongwoo Han, designed and implemented by Jeena Lee, and finally completed by Woomi Shim for the first Korean War veteran Descendants Workshop in July 24-28, 2013 in Washington D.C.

The KWVDM Foundation, a non-for-profit and tax-exempted, was established in 2012 and strives to permanently preserve Korean War veterans’ interviews and artifacts, honor Korean War veterans’ sacrifice, and educate young generations on the Korean War and the importance of the U.S.-Korea alliance. The foundation has launched KWV Youth Corps which is a Korean War veteran descendants organization to bequeath the legacy of Korean War veterans to our own future generations and will financially support the annual convention of this KWV Youth Corps. From 2014, the foundation will also administer scholarships for Korean War veteran descendants who are enrolled in universities and colleges. Please contact President Jongwoo Han (jonghan@syr.edu) for any question or concern.

To Purchase:

Send your order to:

Membership Administrative Assistant
Korean War Veterans Association
PO Box 407
Charleston, IL  61920-0407

Make checks payable to the KWVA

Questions or want to order by Credit Card, call Sheila at the Membership Office:
Tel: 217-345-4414
Email: membership@kwva.org. (Please do NOT put your credit card information in an email, it is not secure)

The posters are priced to sell... the complete SET OF THREE for $10.00!

For each order, add $11.70 for Postage and Handling.  (Up to 5 sets can fit in the same special shipping tube for the same price)


18" X 24"
(Click picture for a larger view)
The Korean Peninsula poster covered with memories of Korean War veterans clearly demonstrates that the Korean War has never been forgotten in the minds of all Americans as well as Korean nation. Rather, this poster argues that the Korean War has been a forgotten victory and Korea’s rapid economic development and simultaneous democratization serve clear evidence for victorious sacrifices of Korean War veterans. The patches of the U.S. military units in the poster are selected according to the numbers of casualties during the Korean War.

18" X 24"
(Click picture for a larger view)
The mosaic image of the Stars and Stripes stands for the sacrifices, courage, and victory of American young men and women who decisively contributed to the miracles in the Han River and the most substantive democracy in Korea.

24" X 18"
(Click picture for a larger view)
The Korean Flag covered with pictures mostly on Korea emphasizes the mandate for both U.S. and Republic of Korea to continue on blood-shed alliance for the peace and prosperity in the world.

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