The Executive Council has affirmed the need to review/rewrite the bylaws completely.  The Executive Council also approved the voiding of all bylaw changes made since the July 27, 2000 Bylaws were legally passed.  It was determined that these changes were not done per the amendment procedure laid out in the bylaws.  The membership at the Knoxville meeting on July 24, 2004 ratified the Executive Council's action by a 2/3 majority of the quorum present and voting.  A ruling by the Judge Advocates for both the old and the new administration, plus a ruling by the Legal Council now working to bring the National Office into a legal stance with our incorporation, has also ruled that this change is necessary.

The Bylaws Committee Chairman, Bill Mac Swain, has summarized all the recent bylaw changes approved by the Executive Council, since the July 27, 2000 changes were incorporated and will publish them as soon as possible in The Graybeards. The term limit change will not be included since the General Membership, in a referendum vote, overwhelmingly voted to stay with a two (2) term limit which is now in effect with the July 27, 2000 Bylaws, which may be viewed by clicking one of the following links:

He is requesting any suggested/requested changes AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, but no later than the 15th of January 2005, so the Bylaws Committee can work all those submitted for Executive Council approval, at its next scheduled meeting after January 2005, and then have them published in the Graybeard Edition before the next scheduled General Membership Meeting.

Contact Bill Mac Swain at:
8452 Mary’s Creek Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76116-7600
Phone: 817-244-0706
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