The Graybeards... A Little History


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(Photo courtesy of Glen Ed White)
The Graybeards... KWVA's official
publication... one of the benefits
of membership in the KWVA.
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The Graybeards is the official magazine of the Korean War Veterans Association.

Founder Bill Norris designed and "registered" the Graybeards Trademark, as pictured, with the State of New York sometime in September/October 1987 under his name.

In August/September 1997, New York State, knowing that Bill Norris had recently passed away, sent KWVA President Nick Pappas a letter saying the Graybeards Certificate of Trademark Registration would soon expire (10 years). He contacted the association's N.Y. Corporate Legal Advisor, Attorney Alfred Sciarrino, a KWVA member, prepared the paperwork required to register the Trademark under KWVA Inc.

Bill Norris' wife's approval was required to transfer the Trademark to the KWVA. The required paperwork was completed and signed by President Pappas. The State of New York authorized the Graybeards Certification of Trademark Registration under the KWVA, Inc.