Maine Committee Votes "Ought to Pass."


Congratulations to our Korea Service Veterans!!!!!

Maine Once Again Comes Through for its Veterans.

On April 1, the Transportation Committee of the State of Maine, at the conclusion of its regular and working sessions, voted unanimously (10-0) to send Bill LD 1148, "A Bill to Recognize Recipients of the Korea Defense Service Medal (KDSM)," to the Maine Legislature with a recommendation that it "ought to pass." This virtually assures passage of the bill.

A fiscal amendment was attached to the bill which will enable the creation of a State of Maine KDSM decal for Korea Service vets to display on their Maine Veteran License Plates. Maine.

With the passage of the bill in the Legislature, Maine's Korea Service veterans will be the first ones in the country to be so recognized by a state. Korean War veterans in Maine already have a ribbon decal (KSM), as do vets of other wars and campaigns.

After the hearing and vote, every member of that Committee went to their feet, clapped, and thanked the veterans for their service to our country. Jeff Brodeur said, "I will never forget that as long I live."

Left to right: Jeff Brodeur (KVA); Rep. Dick Brown (Sponsor); Marty O'Brien (Goodblood); Bill Labombarde (KVA); Phil Tiemann (Goodblood); Dick Chick (Goodblood) and Ken Cyphers (Goodblood)
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Korea Service veteran Bill Labombarde of Maine gets all of the credit! He suggested the idea to Maine State Representative Richard Brown who sponsored the bill. At the hearing, Rep. Brown spoke in favor of the bill and several other committee members offered emotional testimony and related stories of ties to Korea and how the service of relatives affected them and their families.

Korea Service vets speaking on behalf of the bill were Commander Jeff Brodeur; and members Bill Labombarde; and Tom Reed of the KVA Chapter of the KWVA.

Speakers from the CPL Clair Goodblood [MOH] Chapter, KWVA, were Commander Phil. W. Tiemann and Adjutant Marty O'Brien. Attending from the chapter were 1st VP Ken Cyphers and Quartermaster Dick Chick.

Vice Commander Don Simoneau spoke in favor of the bill for the Maine American Legion.

Article submitted by Marty O'Brien