Department of Texas Attracts Many to April Meeting in Arlington


2d Vice President Byron Dickerson, representing President Lou Dechert, addresses the Department of Texas Meeting, April 2, in Arlington, Texas.
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Department of Texas Meeting
April 2, 2005

By Dick Predmore

The Department of Texas Meeting was held in Arlington Texas on April 2, 2005 at the Martin Sprocket and Gear Corporate Offices in Arlington. This is the home meeting place of the General Walton H. Walker Chapter, Dallas/Ft Worth. The focus of the meeting was the VSVA Officer establishment and training in each Chapter.

The Tell America program was promoted by a "show and tell" method. The members of the Walton Walker Chapter actually presented a class (in part) to relay to the membership how easy and informative it can be. After a short intro, we showed a video (11 minutes) displaying an overview of the Korean War. Then we made our Table of Remembrance presentation and a short description of a vet's individual presentation. This was met with much enthusiasm for Tell America, and we gave each Chapter President a video for their own presentations.

Our Keynote speaker was the National 2nd VP Byron Dickerson, who was subbing for President Dechert. Incidentally Lou, he gave you a run for the money. He gave a great speech and fielded questions gracefully and with humor. You could not have appointed a better replacement. Thank You!

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