At the request of President Lou Dechert, Robert Banker represented the President of the KWVA at a luncheon arranged by the American Ex-Prisoners of War on Capitol Hill on April 14. At the luncheon Senator John McCain was honored. Mr. Banker, President of Maryland Chapter, KWVA, provided the following report:

The ceremony that I attended today, on your behalf as the President of the Korean War Veterans Association, while informal, was most meaningful, representing those whose lives, for a few years, were held in the captivity of a foreign enemy. Those Ex-POW's have a marvelous attitude considering what they went through.

I had the opportunity to meet with Mr. Les Jackson, their Executive Director, to introduce myself as your representative from the KWVA and to thank him for extending the invitation. In addition to Senator John McCain, the VA Secretary, Mr. Jim Nicholson, gave a brief address. Afterwards, I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Nicholson for a few minutes asking for his support as we work towards a Federal Charter.

I met a number of Ex-POW's who were Korean Veterans, some KWVA members and some not, to let them know of your interest in their organization. Several said that they would become a member of the KWVA.

Again, thank you for giving me the opportunity to be of assistance to the KWVA.

Robert Banker

Thank you, Bob, for so ably representing us.