Vet Says Vietnam War Gives Lesson to Koreans


[April 30, 1975 America left Vietnam. My first assignment to Vietnam was initially classified, in 1962. My last assignment in Vietnam ended in Oct 1971. At that time I was G3, US Army Forces, MR3, earlier the 1st Field Force, Vietnam.. The ROK contingent of Free World Forces, Vietnam – Capitol and White Horse Divisions, and their command –, was part of our Corps troop list. I knew Major General Chae Myung-shin, the subject of this article. The ROK forces fought professionally and gallantly in the Republic Of South Vietnam for many reasons. General Chae notes some of the political considerations. There was also the innate lesson ingrained in Korean Hearts: FREEDOM IS NOT FREE! Koreans learned that lesson at great cost and have remembered it ever after. As newspapers and others in our Nation observe/comment upon the “Fall of Saigon” this weekend, it is helpful to view that event at least partially through the eyes of an ally who was there with us to the end.
      Louis Dechert, President, KWVA]

Chae Myung-shin

By Kim Jong-kon
Hankook Ilbo

Chae Myung-shin, 80, who led the Korean troops during the Vietnam War for 56 months, stressed the need for the nation to strengthen its alliance with the United States, describing it as essential in efforts to ensure security for the nation.

"The alliance with the United States has become all the more important in order to deter the possible threats from China and Japan, which have been attempting to beef up their national hegemony in the region,’’ Chae said during a recent interview with The Hankook Ilbo, sister paper of The Korea Times...

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