Fifty-five years ago it started; fifty-two years ago we thought it ended; today we know that the war goes on and that some six to seven million have served in the defense of freedom in Korea.

The Executive Council has been meeting in Arlington, Virginia in conjunction with the 21st annual observances of The Gathering. Today we will join The Gathering at the Monument on the Mall. We will be joined by many visiting dignitaries from Korea, America, and around the world...  Perhaps by many who served Freedom far away, long ago. Across America many other Chapters and Departments will be participating in this, another anniversary in a war that never ended.

In the same manner as President Lincoln admonished years ago, let the living rededicate ourselves to the cause which we and our comrades in arms so nobly protected over half a century ago and have defended ever since.

Thank you for your service and God bless America and her comrades who served and are still serving in Freedomís cause.

Arlington, Virginia
July 27, 2005

(Posted 7/27/05)