The National Headquarters of the KWVA is located in Louisiana, we have three organized chapters in Louisiana, and the President, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Civil Legal Counsel, and CPA all live in Louisiana. We want to assure all members that the events in the current and continuing disaster aftermath - including those claimed by the false, self-serving, sensationalized news reports - have not affected our National Convention in Bossier City, Louisiana, October 2-5. The Convention is in Northern Louisiana, the planes are flying (they are expensive) and the roads are open.

As President I want to officially salute the men and women of the US Armed Forces, the Veterans Administration, and the Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs. And I especially commend the Louisiana National Guard, men and women, returning from IRAQI FREEDOM - and the men and women of the 4th US Infantry Division of Fort Hood, Texas, presently preparing to go to IRAQ, but battling the effects of the natural disaster in New Orleans. NOT A SINGLE soldier, sailor, airman, or marine of ANY category has complained nor questioned their duty in New Orleans - or elsewhere on the GULF COAST.  The media are creating those anxieties, then wishing the troops would pick up on them.

Semper fi, fighting forces, and thank you.

Hope to see you at 9AM, Monday, October 3

Louis T Dechert

(Posted 9/13/05)