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(Posted 9/15/05)

September 15, 1950

Today, September 15th, is a historical date. Yet, examining the anti-military American media I daresay there will not be a single mention of the significance. That is the major justification for America having chartered veterans' organizations - and another reason why it is imperative that The Congress move to award The Korean War Veterans Association a federal charter, decades too late.

The latest legislative bills (S. 1512 and H.R. 3476) have been languishing in The Congress since July 27, 2005 - yet only 13 Senators and one Representative have signed on.

Today, one must look abroad to our comrades in Korea who have not forgotten that Freedom is not free. A headline from The Korea Times appears nearby. God help us if we do not remember. Thank you, men and women of Inchon, September 15, 1950 - and American and coalition men and women warriors of the war on terror, 2005: Freedom is not free! And thank you faithful Korean friends.

Lou Dechert, National President

Inchon Landing Commemorated.
The Korea Times
A committee to commemorate the famous Inchon amphibious landing was inaugurated Wednesday on the occasion of the landing’s 55th anniversary, dating back to the 1950-53 Korean War.  Click HERE to read the rest of The Korea Times article.