Storm and Convention Update...

A note to let you know our power came back on at 1605hrs today—without power 9/23-22:20 thru 9/26-16:05. 7” of rain (23rd-25th), wind gusts to 75mph, daytime temps 95-101 (today 101), humidity 100%.

I spoke with Col Steve dePyssler a few minutes ago in Shreveport ... he tells me that his power was off maybe an hour, no damages, quite a bit of rain, Shreveport/Bossier City/Barksdale AFB back to normal, plenty of gas. Hotel rooms still at a premium. He is absolutely certain there is nothing to stop the Convention.

These pictures were taken mid-day, 09/24 as RITA was approaching, our office compound at CAMP BEAUREGARD.
(Click picture for a larger view)

At our home we had some minor flooding and the storeroom shed and contents lost. (wind and rain). At the KWVA office at CAMP BEAUREGARD we lost some of the skirting. In addition we now have a field kitchen for 1000 parked by the office along with four 18 wheeler refrigerated trucks plugged in and waiting. Many new troops at the base.

See you in Bossier City!

Lou Dechert, National President

(Posted 9/26/05)