Chaplain Robert Personette very ill.

My Friends,

I have just visited with Chaplain Robert Personette. As many of you know Robert had a most serious auto accident last summer just as he was getting ready to leave for the EC meeting AND The Gathering in Arlington, VA.

He spent the summer recuperating. He had a deep desire to go back to Korea with a relative and for that reason asked to be excused from our meeting Bossier City (the revisit was scheduled at that time). I urged him to make the return visit and he did so. Meantime, a excellent Chaplain volunteered to become a member and serve us--Leonard Stegman, National Chaplain of the Military Order of the Purple Heart. Len served us well at Bossier City on short notice.

I finally was able to reach Chaplain Personette this evening in California. He has asked to resign for reasons of health. But then the bombshell: no one had reported anything about Bobís health to me. Two days into the return visit, in Korea, Chaplain Personette became infected with e coli! Immediate evacuation was ordered. He was flown back to US and taken off the plane at Los Angeles International by Fire-Police EMT/Rescue personnel and rushed to Hospital Critical Care for two weeks. He is home now but under extremely limited circumstances with no travel allowed. He has asked to be allowed to resign for reasons of health.

I am asking the Board of Directors for approval to appoint Chaplain Robert Personette as Chaplain emeritus, KWVA.

In addition, I am asking Chaplain Len to contact Chaplain Personette and his family as soon as possible and minister to them.

Finally, I am asking that as many of the members as possible call or send cards and letters to Chaplain Personette:

Robert Personette
7136 Oak Leaf Drive
Santa Rosa, CA 95409
Ph: 707.539.7276

Thank you, Len and Bob, and thank you, Members.

Lou Dechert
KWVA National President

(Posted 11/14/05)