Press Release... Camp Beauregard, LA (KWVA- February 4, 2006).

The National Headquarters of the Korean War Veterans Association, USA, was visited today by Department of New Jersey President Thomas McHugh. President McHugh was given a tour of the office, portions of Camp Beauregard, and visited the Louisiana Maneuvers Museum. National President Lou Dechert and National Treasurer Richard Hare and Assistant National Treasurer Clyde Durham, discussed various Association matters as well as the activities of the Department of New Jersey and the New Jersey chapters.

(Posted 2/16/06)

Tom McHugh, Lou Dechert, Clyde Durham at Office Entrance, Camp Beauregard, 02.04.2006

Lou Dechert, Tom McHugh, and Dick Hare, Camp Beauregard, 02.04.2006

Tom McHugh, Clyde Durham, and Dick Hare at National Office, 02.04.2006

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