Korea Defense Service Medal -Pennsylvania License Plate

Good News from KWVA Chapter #299 - KVA Asst. Legislative Officer Don Duffy out of Pennsylvania.

HB 2295 passed the PA Senate and is now on the way to the Governor to sign into law.

This means the state of Pennsylvania will be the second state in the country to have the Korea Defense Service Medal on its license plate. It is the 3rd state in the country to recognize Korea Defense Service Veterans. Massachusetts was the first , Maine second and now Pennsylvania. The Korea Veterans of America has had a hand in passing all 3 bills (after the governor signs HB 2295). KWVA National President Louis Dechert personally sent several letters to the Pennsylvania Legislature in support of this bill.

If it was not for Marty O'Brien and the KWVA Chapter #79 - CPL Clair Goodblood (MOH) speaking up in support of their fellow Korea veterans, the Maine Bill had a chance of not passing. Because we have all worked together "for the good of the Order", we have passed 3 state bills recognizing post war Korea veterans. This is a great day for the KWVA and all Korea Veterans.

Great job down there in Pennsylvania Don Duffy.

Jeff Brodeur
National Director, KWVA/US
Director, KWVA Chapter #299 - Korea Veterans of America

(Posted 7/4/06)