Weather Travel Advisory

Many of the visitors to the KWVA website have interests in Korea and/or are contemplating travel in the Republic of Korea. The KWVA directs a Return Visits program on behalf of the Korean Veterans Association, Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs, ROK. The following weather advisory from the US Forces, Korea, is accordingly provided.

USFK Weather Advisory

Area II is under a weather advisory with intense rain forecast for the next three days (July 18-20). Rain may be as much as 2-6 inches daily. All USFK personnel are advised to stay out of low lying areas. Personnel are advised to limit travel to only necessary travel. When traveling in intense rain, adjust driving habits accordingly and pull to side of road if rain impairs vision. The Han River is at a 30 year high and all personnel should avoid travel near the Han River whenever possible. Seoul has received over 14 inches of rain in the past week with more expected. Flooding is rampant so all personnel must use extreme care during all travel.

(Posted 7/18/06)