Member Ed Buckman (L), and
President Dunn
at KWVA National Headquarters, Camp Beauregard, LA,
August 3, 2006

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Efforts Still Exerted for Federal Charter

For some time, Marvin Dunn, President of the Department of Texas, and a KWVA Director, indicated that he was determined to seek a meeting with Representative Joe Barton (R, TX) as to why he was opposed to co-sponsoring HR #3476. An article appeared in the local newspaper that Monday evening, August 15, Congressman Barton would have a town hall meeting in Arlington, Texas at 7 PM. Marvin put two different business cards in the hat for questions to Congressman Barton. His card was the third selected and Marvin introduced himself as a Korean War Veteran. He then proceeded to inform the Congressman and the crowd that the United States lost almost as many men in Korea in three years as were lost in Vietnam in ten years, yet those veterans have two federal charters. After over fifty years, the Korean War veterans have none. Marvin continued to point out that we have maintained close to 38,000 troops on the 38th parallel all these years and he pointed out how dangerous that assignment is and a charter, recognizing this service, should be in place for these young men when they return home, just as the young men and women returning from Iraq.

Congressman Barton indicated surprise at some of the historical facts. Marvin continued, explaining that these veterans would need a seat of advocacy at the Veterans Administrations meetings. He pointed out that we stopped the Communist from consuming all of Asia. The crowd actually listened and applauded this great veteran who gave a leg and loss of sight in one eye in the frigid battle that has been forgotten in our history.

Upon hearing the response of the crowd to Marvin’s request, Congressman Barton indicated he would co-sponsor Bill HR #3476.

Submitted by Ed Buckman R029172 [Edited and picture added by LTD]

(Posted 8/18/06)