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Press Release, IFKWVA

October 16, 2006

The International Federation of Korean War Veterans Association (IFKWVA), held their Executive Council Meeting in Seoul over the period 13-16 October, 2006.

The Council welcomes the appointment of Major General (Ret.) Park, Seh-Jik as Chairman of the Korean Veterans Association, and Major General (Ret.) Jeong, Kook-Bohn as Secretary General of the IFKWVA.  The Council expressed their congratulation to Minister Ban, Ki-Moon on the confirmation of his appointment as secretary General of the United Nations.

The delegates re-affirmed the co-operation and support that they have given to the Republic of Korea over the past 56 years.  All members of the IFKWVA will continue to give their support to the Republic of Korea and the President.

We earnestly believe that the commitments made in 1950 remain in place and are as binding now as they were in the days of the Korean War.  We offer you our on-going support, our encouragement and our best wishes for the challenges ahead.

Following the nuclear test claimed by North Korea on 9 October 2006, which ignored repeated warnings from the international community, the Executive Council condemns the North Korean action, which threatens world peace and urges North Korea to give up their nuclear program immediately.

The Executive Council emphasized again that at the top of the agenda in the South-North negotiation should be an item urging North Korea to account for all prisoners of war and men missing in action from the 22 nations that took part in the war 1950-1953.

The Federation urges that all the POWs and civilians under detention in the North should be released and given the freedom to return to a country of their wish and that North Korea must also return the remains of deceased persons for proper burial.

The proposed withdrawal of US troops from South Korea is considered a dangerous policy in that it will weaken South Korea's preparedness to meet any attack by North Korea.  Should the US troops be withdrawn it is considered imperative that the UN's military and financial support be increased to fill the resulting vacuum.

The future of the IFKWVA will be discussed at the General Assembly Meeting, to be held in June 2008, attended by representatives of the 22 nations who participated in the Korean War.  The future policy will be decided after consultation with the Korean Veterans Association.

In conclusion, the Executive Council wishes to express gratitude and appreciation to the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs for its continued support given to the IFKWVA.

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(Posted 10/19/06)