Open Letter to The Honorable Tae-Sik-Lee, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea

2450 Massachusetts Avenue N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20008

Dear Mr. Ambassador,

The events of April 16th at Virginia Technological University are part of the daily realities of life in a fallen world society. As such they deeply sadden all people of faith who are committed to justice.

Our two nations and armed forces have a long history of cooperatively and fraternally laboring together for a world of freedom and justice. In that tradition and mission I can assure you that our understanding and concerns in this tragic affair are the same as those of our Korean friends.

As our prayers go forth for the innocents slain in Blacksburg, they also go out to our Korean friends and allies as they suffer through the recriminations— their own and those of others—and terrible TV intrusions and portrayals in the matter.

God bless Korea and the United States, and our peoples in this troubling yet typical 21st Century incident. Let us continue, together, to go forward in that mutual cause of Freedom and justice which has bound us together since 1945.

Louis T Dechert
National President, KWVA/US
Chairman of the Board

(Posted 4/19/07)