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Mr. Louis T. Dechert
National President, KWVA/US
Chairman of the Board

Dear Sir,

As a Korean War veteran and a member of the Korean War bereaved family, we are highly honored to write this to you and the membership of the Korean War Veterans Association, United States of America.

As you know well, exactly 57 years ago at dawn on this day, the North Korean Communist heavily armed with Soviet Union made weapons, surprised the South Korea, and, thus, the South Korea which was totally unaware of such barbaric invasion by the Stalinist regime, had to lose its capital city of Seoul in just 3 days since the attack started. However, due to the rapid deployment of the US forces including 15 other UN member countries, South Korea was fortunately able to recapture the Capital city on September 28, 1950.

As long as the Korean War concerned, the first thing that reminds entire fellow Koreans is the five-star General Douglas MacArthur who commanded the ever famous Incheon Landing Operation launched on September 15,1950.

General MacArthur's highly intelligent strategy finally had both marine soldiers of the ROK and the US hoist again the Korean national flag flying over the Capital Building. In order to commemorate General MacArthur's great dedication to Korea, we, Koreans have erected a statue of General MacArthur at Freedom Park looking out Incheon harbor.

We have known a clear fact that uncountable number of US soldiers and other UN member countries risked their lives during the Korean War. That is why we Koreans simply say that we not only owe our lives to you, the Korean War heroes but also the prosperity we are enjoying at this moment. Needless to repeat, had it not been for the prompt US government's deployment of armed force to Korea immediately after the communist's invasion, we could in no way have been possible to stand like what we are now.

Upon the 57th anniversary of the Korean War, we, fellow Koreans would like once again to extend our sincere thanks to you all, the Korean War heroes for your patriotic dedication made to a tiny country of Korea 57 years ago. At the same time we also like to assure you of our adamant resolution that we will never forget you by maintaining the blood-bonded relationship between the two nations in many years to come. May God bless you all.

Respectfully yours,

Hur Keum-yul
President (former), ROK Marine Corp Veterans Association of Anyang City, Korea

Yoon, Yook-yong
Korean War Veteran & Former Chief of the Youth Guerrilla Operation at Gangwha island, Korea

(Posted 6/27/07)