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Serra International posts story of the KWVA recognition of Fr. Len Stegman...

Good Morning President Dechert, KWVA Board and Members -

My deepest appreciation to you and the Board for the hospitality you extended to me at your reunion in Reno for the small presentation for your Chaplain Emeritus, Fr. Stegman and recognition of the work of the Military Chaplain.

I am pleased to report to you that this morning, Serra International posted on their website the story of the KWVA recognition of Fr. Len as part of their Priesthood Sunday recognition.

Click HERE to view that posting.

On a personal level, it was an honor to be able to meet all of you over my two days in Nevada. I feel quite lucky to have been able to witness such an incredible group of dedicated Patriot Veterans committed to honoring the people and the causes for which they served in battle. Your dedication, focus, values and genuine hospitality I shall long remember.

I came away from your convention/reunion with an increased awareness of the very unique experience of the Korean War Veteran. I have spoken to several people about your incredible group and the need for assistance in the passing of S. 1692 and H.R. 2852. Hopefully my spreading the word will result in positive activity towards your group's goal.

My deepest thanks to Director Marvin Dunn who worked with me during the presentation and gave such a memorable speech; to President and Mrs. Dechert who were so gracious in their hospitality; to Director Lee Dauster, Chaplain Leo Ruffing and so many members of the KWVA who greeted me so warmly and continued to share stories of Fr. Len and other Chaplain Heros.

I shall be thinking of you all this coming Veterans Day.

A. J. Herran

Posted 11/4/07)