It has been reported that 22 million Americans served in World War II. It has also been reported that we have about that same number of veterans living today. As Korea veterans know so very well, statistics move here and there and change up and down. History does not change even though the personal agendas and the bias of the chroniclers of history can warp and twist and pervert their own accounts and peddle the same as truth.

PEARL HARBOR ushered in World War II for the United States, just as June 25, 1950 ushered in the 57 year (now) Korea War. A nation which forgets its veterans is ultimately doomed. Since Desert Storm (1991-92) our Nation had begun a degradation of our armed forces and veterans. The outstanding young men and women fighting today in the Global War On Terror have reversed that despicable trend.

The veterans of Korea salute our forerunners who soldiered the burdens of Freedom 1941-1945. Many of them again picked up their arms in Korea in 1950 and taught the rest of us the traditions of battle and Freedom. We also salute those Americans defending Freedom by force of arms today. We pledge that we shall not forget them. For most of us, the living, the obligation to remember arises from the obligation to REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR.

Louis T Dechert
National President and Chairman

(Posted 12/7/07)