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Ambassador Lee Urges Efforts for Securing Legislative Approval of KORUS FTA

Korean Ambassador Lee Tae-sik recently urged everyone to turn his attention to securing legislative approval of the KORUS FTA, saying that this is still our primary and urgent and we need to close the deal.

Ambassador Lee made the remarks in his speech given at the Korea-U.S. Business Councils Meeting on Jan. 19 in Hawaii.

“The KORUS FTA will spur investment and jobs in Korea while making our economy more competitive,” Mr. Lee stressed in the speech. “Early ratification of the KORUS FTA is important to Korea, because it will help fuel one of the far-reaching goals of President-elect Lee – Korea’s advance into the ranks of the world’s major economic powers during his presidency through continuous reform and liberalization.”

He pointed out that to make the KORUS FTA a reality, Korea and the U.S. need to overcome three key hurdles: 1) the political calendar surrounding the presidential election this November; 2) the beef and auto issues; and 3) the consideration order among other pending trade agreements.

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KoreaUS.net  (Posted 1/23/08)