Deployment of the 45th Brigade

KWVA, Camp Beauregard, LA (February 1, 2008)

During the on-going Global War on Terror elements of all of the divisions which served in KOREA, 1950-57—some are still serving there—have served in deployments in the Mid-east. News in the current weekly Army Times reports that the largest mobilization of the 4th Infantry Division—now 45th Infantry Brigade—since the early part of the Korea War is taking place. Approximately 2,600 members of the Brigade began shipping out to KUWAIT on January 22. After three weeks training the units will be further deployed in IRAQ. It is anticipated that their deployment will continue for eight months.

Early in the Global War on Terror elements of both of the Army National Guard divisions which served in KOREA—40th Infantry and 45th Infantry— were mobilized and served for many months on Homeland Defense and Force Protection missions.

Precise member affiliations with specific units in Korea, 1950-1957 are not available due to gaps in collecting and recording membership data. The records available indicate that there are possibly 637 currently active members of the KWVA—about 4%— who recorded their Korea service as connected with the 45th Infantry Division Thunderbirds. The 40th Infantry Division Grizzlies are currently represented by possibly 577 active KWVA members. Other divisions and units represented in the current KWVA membership in significant numbers, by currently available data, are:


1st Cavalry Division: 423
3rd Infantry Division: 603
25th Infantry Division: 634
I Corps: 50
8th ARMY: 15

1st Marine Division: 1072
7th Infantry Division: 1006
5th RCT: 141
IX Corps: 26

2d Infantry Division: 756
24th Infantry Division: 561
187th RCT: 127
X Corps: 68
NAVY: 901

LTD, 02.01.2008

(Posted 2/2/08)