2008 Officers & Directors Election - List of Candidates


The date for submission has passed. The full list of Candidates are known & have been verified for completion of all requirements.

At this time there have been no candidates notified that they were ineligible. Each Candidate will receive an official notice from the committee.

On Tuesday February 19 I will photocopy all resume's & mail them to both Art Sharp & Frank Cohee. President 3 - Vice President 2 for each - Director 10. Total candidates 17.

Upon an email notification that they have been received & no problems exist, I will release a complete list of the candidates names for each position.

I have been authorized to release the names. I feel that my planned action is fair to all members.

I have been informed that there are two (2) websites for all candidates to submit their resume's & picture to for more exposure. I think that is a great idea, since the March/April Graybeards will be the issue that carries the resumes. That will be quite a while yet. I believe it is great that so many members have shown an interest in running for office. My hope is that all candidates actually want to work to make the KWVA better & not try to drag us back to a level of inefficiency again.

Questions - comments ???
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Thomas McHugh
Nominations & Elections Committee

(Posted 2/16/08)