Special Notice:  Chaplain Emeritus, Leonard F Stegman was moved into ICU on August 22, 2008...

He is at Brooke Army Hospital in San Antonio, TX.

Please keep your thoughts and prayers on him. Many remember Chaplain Stegman for his guidance and support of the KWVA while our National Chaplain. We will provide further updates on his conditions as they come in.


William F. Mac Swain
National President, KWVA/US

Update from Past President Dechert: Father Stegman has been moved from ICU to a surgical suite late Monday evening. While in ICU he accumulated a lot of water in his lungs. He has set up in a chair and taken food (Jell-O) for the first time in a week.

As always Father Stegman wishes to "Thank all the KWVA Members" for their concerns and prayers.

Let us all continue to think about and pray for his recovery.

I also wish to Thank Col Dechert for his report for I know we all wish to be informed of Father Stegman's recovery.

William F. Mac Swain

(Posted 8/23/08, updated 8/26/08)