KWVA National Furnished Websites for Departments and Chapters NOW AVAILABLE...

In the 2008 March/April Issue of The Graybeards, on Pages 22-23, the idea of Chapter and Department websites, furnished by KWVA, Inc., was proposed to the KWVA Membership. The proposal was then placed before the KWVA Board of Directors, at the 2008 KWVA Annual Reunion, at Norfolk, Virginia, on October 24, 2008. It was unanimously approved.

The project task is to set up two website servers; one each for KWVA Departments and Chapters. The target date to have the system in place was January 1st, 2009... but we have gotten it set up ahead of schedule!  The initial Website Templates are designed and installed, and the first Chapter (California CID 6) and Department (California) Websites are online, although still under development!

There will be no website cost to a Department or Chapter, including that for the annual domain name registration. While the KWVA will furnish the initial Website Templates, it will be the individual chapter or department that will be required to provide their Webmaster. The web design and editing software is Microsoft FrontPage. Access to it will be given to the approved Department or Chapter Commander and Webmaster. A one-time licensing fee may be passed on to the Department or Chapter. That is being negotiated at this time.

Click the following links to view the project as it stands at the moment:

Check back often to view the progress as further updates are made.  To apply for your Department or Chapter, click the link on the right of the KWVA Home Page to the Standard Procedure Manual and follow the procedure in Addendum N-6A, page 53.

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(Posted 12/8/08)