SPECIAL INVITATION from the Friends of American Veterans of the Korean War...

KWVA Members have received a special invitation from the Friends of American Veterans of the Korean War, for a special "Appreciation Dinner, Concert and Symposium in honor of American Veterans of the Korean War."

The event is to be held in Las Vegas, NV in June, 2009.  The sponsors have requested that you respond to the invitation by February 6, 2009. While they realize that this is short notice and a long time to commit before the actual event, they need to have some idea of the number of Veterans that will plan on attending so they can make the necessary arrangements, hotel rooms, meals etc.

Please contact them by mail, email, phone or fax to let them know of your interest and to receive further details of how to make official application:

FRIENDS OF AMERICAN VETERANS OF THE KOREAN WAR, 9636 Garden Grove Blvd. Suite 17, Garden Grove, CA 92844
Phone: (714) 534-7720, Fax: (714) 534-6897, Info@AmVetsKW.Org.

While you will note the wording of their invitation is for members in the Western Region of the U.S., they have since decided to extend the invitation to ALL KWVA Regular members anywhere in the U.S. They are hoping to get at least 300 prospective attendees.

Please click the below link for details.  Refer any questions to Frank Cohee, National Secretary, KWVA.

Read the Invitation (PDF File)>>

Frank Cohee
National Secretary

(Posted 1/24/09, Revised 1/28/09)