Hannah Kim, a Friend of the KWVA, heading up an effort to pass a Bill in Congress called:
The Korean War Veterans Recognition Act (HR2632)...
A bill that will add National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day, July 27,
to the list of days on which the American flag should especially be displayed


Our bill, HR2632 is scheduled for a vote on the floor -- THIS TUESDAY JULY 14.

Click the below link for my updated letter with appropriate changes (there's no need to urge Majority Leader Hoyer to schedule our vote or call the Judiciary committee, anymore).

I'm pretty confident it will pass, but I want it to pass with HIGH FLYING COLORS (lots of co-sponsors!). Please spread the word -- ONE DAY can make a HUGE difference. Your members calling their Reps' offices tomorrow all day long can REALLY change the numbers.


Most happily,
Hannah Kim

Click HERE to read the July 12 UPDATED letter and more information... (PDF File)

**PS I've already begun working on the SENATE (two months ago)! I'll keep you apprised. Thank you!!

In her quest to express their gratitude, she and her group have been belaboring to pass this bill in Congress and they are WRITING TO REQUEST YOUR HELP.

Click HERE to read her letter and more information, along with instructions on how you can help! (PDF File)

I think this is important to all Korean Veterans and we should support this group's try at getting this bill passed for displaying the flag at half mast on our Armistice date of 7/27 for recognition of those who sacrificed their lives during our war.

Note: this is NOT a request for money, but for a little bit of your time!

Bill Mac Swain, KWVA President

(Posted 7/9/09, updated 7/13/09)