Proposed Bylaw Changes Ratified by Membership...

All KWVA members should know, especially Chapter and Department Officers, that ratification of the amended Bylaws; as approved by the Board of Directors at Arlington, Virginia in July 2009, and published in the July/August Edition of The Graybeards, was overwhelmingly approved by the Membership at the October 26, 2009 Annual KWVA Membership Meeting in Irving, Texas.

Within a few days, the amended Bylaws, with all of the changes incorporated, will be available for download from the KWVA website.

NOTE: An 8-page separately printed and stitched, removable insert of the 2009 KWVA Bylaws will be included in the center of each member's copy of the Nov/Dec 2009 Edition of The Graybeards. This will enable every paid up, current member of the KWVA to have a personal copy of the Bylaws.

Meanwhile, you may CLICK HERE to see the Bylaws as marked up in the Jul/Aug 2009 Edition of The Graybeards.

The rules are that to be a Chapter Member you must belong to the Korean War Veterans Association, Inc. as a member.  If you are a Chapter or Department Officer, then as a sworn Officer, you must enforce that rule. The effective date certain for that is January 1, 2010.

Apparently there are those who believe that Chapter Members, who have never joined the KWVA, and those who stopped paying Association dues, will now be forced to pay back dues - THIS IS NOT TRUE.  If you are an inactive member simply mail in one years dues to re-activate your membership; or if you have never been a member, and you are eligible for membership, simply fill out and mail your application, along with one years dues, to the KWVA Membership Office (the address is on the Application).

Applications are included in every issue of The Graybeards, or CLICK HERE to download the official Membership Application Form from the KWVA Website.

George Lawhon LR18750
Chairman, KWVA Bylaws Committee

(Posted 11/4/09)