CHOSIN... A Documentary Film by Brian Iglesias

Fellow veterans of the KWVA,

November is an important month for veterans everywhere. This month, we honored all those who have served our country by celebrating Veterans Day. This November also marks the 59th anniversary of China's involvement in the Korean War and one of the conflict's most pivotal battles--the Chosin Reservoir Campaign. Because of these events, we feel it is fitting that we reach out to you about our current project.

Anton Sattler and I are combat decorated Marines who served two tours in Iraq as infantry platoon commanders. Now reservists, we have just finished filming our documentary, tilted Chosin, which is about the Chosin Reservoir Campaign of the Korean War. We have made great strides already, interviewing 184 veterans from all branches of service in 27 cities across 14 states, and we are on track to finish the film and release it for the 60th Anniversary of the Korean War next June.

Watch us and Chosin veteran Joe Owen on CBS Evening News on the weekend of 27 November for the anniversary of the campaign.

Website and Trailer:

As combat veterans, Anton and I forged a unique connection with the Chosin Veterans and consider it an honor to give them a gift 60 years in the waiting: the chance to share their story and finally be remembered. Our hope is that our film will raise public awareness about the Korean War in general and contribute to honoring the sacrifices of all who served in Korea during this important upcoming anniversary.

In order to make the largest impact possible, we need assistance in spreading the word about our project. Please help us by passing on the link to our website to everyone you can, and ask them to do the same. As combat veterans ourselves, Anton and I understand the importance of making the promise to "never forget." We hope that in some small way, our project can remind others to keep that promise.

For additional info and more video, please contact me at  or by phone at 732-642-1736.

Semper Fi,

Brian Iglesias
E Co, 2/5, 2003-2006

Anton Sattler
I Co, 3/7, 2003-2006

(Posted 11/22/09)