Former KWVA Officer Robert Banker very ill...

I thought you should know that Bob is currently still in the hospital (Veterans Hospital in Washington, DC).  He will soon spend about five days in Perry Point (Rehab), followed by Veterans Hospital in Baltimore.  He is fighting some heart surgery related problems.

He has been hospitalized for more than a month so far. I am hoping that he will be released on Friday (7/23) but that has not been confirmed.

Jill Banker


UPDATE from Bob on 7/25...

As you know, I entered the hospital on June 21st to prepare for Aortic Heart Valve Replacement surgery on June 24th. The surgery was an outstanding success and corrects this problem. Finally, on July 23rd, I was discharged from the Hospital and returned home. I am now in the next stage of recovery and I believe over the next several months my health will be immeasurably improved. During this time, I received numerous calls, cards, e-mails, etc. offering encouragement. Each of these was valued enabling me to complete the initial process. I thank you all for taking the time and effort.

At this time, my best wishes to you for a successful Re-union.

Kindest regards, Bob

He is certainly in our prayers, God bless him.  Please keep us posted.

Jim Doppelhammer Webmaster

(Posted 7/22/10 updated 7/25/10)