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April 2006 Recruiting Report

From Jeff Brodeur, Chairman KWVA Recruiting Committee
(Posted 4/30/2006)


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On April 21, the KWVA made the KWVA Recruiting quota of 105 New Members per month with 9 days yet to go in April. We finished the month of April with 148 Total new members.

We first set a conservative quota of 100 new members a month after the KWVA National Convention in Bossier City La and then raised it to 105 in Jan 2006. This minimum figure would put us at around the same number of new members which we put at just under 1304 for total new members in 2005. I was not sure how the new decals, posters, and flyer program would work out. As I said at the KWVA National Convention, I was hoping for a ripple effect and we have started to see that ripple. We have made our quota 7 months in a row-- since about the time the task force started brainstorming.

We have 560 Total New members for the year as of April 30, 2006. Projecting, that rate will result in 1680 new members for 2006, a big increase over the 1304 total for 2005.

Of those 560 new members from January 1 - April 30, 50 have become KWVA Life Members.

We have now experienced triple digit figures of New Members for seven consecutive months. That had not happened since September 2001—five years ago.

The word is starting to spread about the KWVA and I have seen a renewed interest in Korea and the KWVA by the members and the public. The public is starting to realize that we still have troops in Korea and that many have died preserving freedom since the Armistice was signed.

Many chapters have ordered posters and decals and put these up in various veterans posts and VA Hospitals throughout the country. Many have placed ads out in local newspapers, appeared on cable TV, and the radio. Each time we get a decal, patch, hat, flyer, poster, attend a ceremony or event, it gets KWVA out there.

We have now received thousands of renewals. Many members were confused on the renewal process. Others who have not renewed live on a fixed income and were cutting costs. Some of our members have passed on; others have become or are ill and had to enter assisted living and nursing facilities. Not a member I spoke with who was not renewing did so because they were dissatisfied with the way the KWVA was being run. I personally called many of those members, and had others assist me in calling them.

We have members stationed in Korea now joining the KWVA.

We have post war veterans joining the KWVA.

We have Korea War Veterans joining the KWVA who had never heard of the KWVA before.

We have a big pool of Korea Veterans from which to recruit. Many of these younger post war veterans had never known that they could join the KWVA until President Lou Dechert and Director Jim Ferris created the KWVA Recruiting Committee in Mid 2005.

I am hoping we finish out the year of 2006 with 2000 new members. We can do this if the chapters go all out and make a serious effort like the Maine Chapters, Texas Chapters #215, #270 and #298, KVA Chapter# 299, Departments of Virginia, New York, Texas, and Florida, Finger Lakes Chapter #67 in New York, Indiana Chapter #30, Florida Chapter#188, CENLA Chapter #180, Departments of South Carolina and New Jersey and Hawaii Chapters. These departments and chapters are going all out to get the word to all Korea Veterans that they are welcome to join the KWVA. 2000 New Members for the year 2006 is a realistic goal if every member recruits 1 new member. Let’s pick up the pace!!

Jeff Brodeur
Chairman, KWVA Recruiting Committee


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