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Attempted Election Fraud Notice


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Many have commented on the lack of civility and truthfulness evident in the actions of a few of our members in the current election. While it is clear that election reforms are necessary, and ought to be proposed, the current Bylaws of the KWVA, IRS Regulations pertaining to 501 organizations, and state and federal laws must also be obeyed.

There have been a number of mailings by individuals highly critical of the KWVA, and recently one critical of our troops in Korea today defending what we bought in blood. Some of the most flagrant assaults on common sense and decency are highly inflammatory and with a focus on causing virtual excitements to do violence to the organization and its programs.

By and large, such reckless behavior normally is off-limits in any organization as a matter of civil discourse, with adequate protections in place to handle such breaches of civility and good conduct.

However, within the past ten days federal postal laws may have been violated - a very serious matter. Therefore, this matter has been reported to US Postal authorities and is being investigated by them as well as by the appropriate agency of this organization.

The most serious suspected violation is the posting in the US mail of letters carrying the return address of this organization which were not sent by or authorized by this organization—thereby seeking to mislead and defraud. The letter which was returned to the Headquarters address by the mail service because the addressee had died contained defamatory material seeking to slander the organization and its leadership. The document was a signed two sided tract from one "John Kronenberger, LR17020, Imjin Chapter, Southern Illinois."

At no time was Mr. Kronenberger or any other person authorized by any official of the KWVA to distribute material labeled to be from the "KWVA, 163 Deer Brook Trail, Pineville, LA 71360." This action is being investigated by Postal authorities.

A second series of violations, separate from that outlined above, consist of a series of email and letters asserting to be from the official KWVA Nominations & Election Committee and thus official communications; thus, intent to deceive/defraud. The false recommendations of the documents correspond to the same recommendations as the letter being investigated by Postal authorities.

I urge everyone to seriously reflect upon the implications of these violations of our Bylaws, common sense, tests of truthfulness, and postal laws as they consider casting their votes in a responsible manner.

I can guarantee that NO member of the present administration has been involved in such activities in the current election OR in the months since we were elected in 2004.

Thank you, for the good of the Order.

Louis T. Dechert
National President, KWVA/US


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