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Father Stegman’s 90th Birthday and Celebration

Members and Friends, On Sunday, June 3d, our grand old man, National Chaplain Leonard Stegman, will celebrate his 90th Birthday, and 64th Anniversary of his Ordination to the priesthood.

He will be honored by a Celebration of Ordination and Age, at St. Mark's Catholic Church, located at 1602 Thousand Oaks, San Antonio, Texas.

Father Stegman has helped hundreds of thousands of soldiers, veterans and their families in his many years of ministry. He is one of the Godliest men I know. He has a great legacy by which he will always be remembered. This is a special man and it is an honor for me to share his good news with the membership.

I have requested the Department of Texas represent the entire organization and make this a great day for this wonderful man. Such men are hard to find, I assure you. Len gave up his Nat'l Chaplain position with the Purple Heart after last Veterans Day. He is hanging on with us as we try to find a replacement, as though he could ever be replaced.

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Father Stegman will also be presented with a special PROCLAMATION, which in part reads:

THEREFORE I proclaim and declare Sunday, June 3, 2007, as The Korean War Veterans Association’s Father Leonard F Stegman Day throughout the Association. Members are encouraged to appropriately honor National Chaplain Leonard F Stegman in all appropriate ways on that date.

Click HERE to view the Complete Proclamation (PDF File)

Father Stegman may be reached through the following means:

National Chaplain Leonard F Stegman
7123 Thrush View Lane, #28
San Antonio, TX 78209
Tel: 210.822.4041

National President, KWVA/US
Chairman of the Board

(Posted 5/30/07)

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