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Press Release - (Pineville, LA, March 17, 2007, KWVA)

The local media regardless of where “local” is in the US, covered the protestors in Washington today and ignored those opposing them.

The patriotic veterans assembled in accordance with the overall coordination of the Gathering of Eagles Organization ( A large contingent of veterans who had received the Purple Heart for combat wounds attended with the veteran’s organization the Military Order of the Purple Heart of the USA. Many in this group belong to the MOPH as well as numerous other veteran’s organizations.

The National President of the Korean War Veterans Association, Louis T Dechert, Joseph P Genduso, a Regional MOPH Vice National Commander and member of the KWVA, and Billy J Scott, KWVA member from Boyce, Virginia, maintained watch over the Korean War Veterans Memorial and greeted an unusually large number of visitors for over half a day. They assisted the US park ranger, police officers, and a husband and wife veteran couple, Gayle and Vicki Boyee of Edinburg, Virgina, who were also on guard. Gayle is a Special Forces Warrior from the Vietnam War.

Dechert, for one, said he had only been so cold once before—in Korea! No incidents happened at the Korean Memorial and many new commitments were made to the KWVA.

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(Posted 3/18/07)