Updated Medical Report on Vincent Mannion, WIA, Operation Iraqi Freedom

(March 31, 2007, Camp Beauregard, LA)

KWVA Director Jeff Brodeur reported today that his son, presently in ICU at Bethesda Naval Hospital, is now showing steady “little” steps to getting better. There are now periods when his eyes are open. Jeff reports hospital personnel indicate that he might be moved from the ICU in two weeks. Meantime almost daily reconstruction surgery is being done on the paratroopers other wounds.

Vincent Mannion, Company B, 505PIR, 82d Airborne Division, was wounded near TIKRIT, IRAQ, on March 11 (local time), as his sergeant along with Private Mannion and one other man rushed a house into which terrorists had fled. The terrorist fled by another exit, detonating a demolition as they fled. The Sergeant was killed and the other soldier wounded, along with Mannion who was in critically wounded.

The Brodeur family thanks everyone for the great outpouring of concern and prayers and asks that everyone also remember the other 150,000 men and women still carrying the fight to the enemy.

(Posted 4/1//07)