82nd Airborne Division Commanding General MG Rodriguez presenting Vincent a challenge coin from himself and the CSM of the Division
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Updated Medical Report on Vincent Mannion, WIA, Operation Iraqi Freedom

(September 14, 2007)

Vincent has had 3 infections since we arrived at Bethesda Naval, 2 are cleared up and he has 1 in his bowel. He is on antibiotics and his surgery is pushed backed to late Sept. early Oct. Because he will need at least 2 serious brain surgeries, we will probably be here until November. It looks like Vincent will be spending his October 1st, 20th Birthday in a hospital bed. Anyone who would like to send him a card can send to:

Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital
PFC Vincent Mannion / 8th Floor
125 Nashua St.
Boston Ma 02114

The Boston Globe has done a special audio slideshow telling the story of his struggle at Spaulding Rehabilitation Center, called "Fighting for Vinny".  Please view it to see what some of our nation's soldiers have gone or are going through.

Vincent Mannion, Company B, 505PIR, 82d Airborne Division, was wounded near TIKRIT, IRAQ, on March 11, as his sergeant along with Private Mannion and one other man rushed a house into which terrorists had fled. The terrorist fled by another exit, detonating a demolition as they fled. The Sergeant was killed and the other soldier wounded, along with Mannion who was in critically wounded.

The Brodeur family thanks everyone for the great outpouring of concern and prayers and asks that everyone also remember the other 150,000 men and women still carrying the fight to the enemy.

Korean War Veterans Association
National Director
Jeff Brodeur
Vincent's proud dad

(Posted 9/14/07, address updated 10/12/07)