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Alves J. Key, Jr, Tell America Committee Chairman



Tell-America TV... Major Breakthrough for the Tell America Program!


March 21, 2011


The chapters listed here are those that I know on 2/28/2011 who have active Tell America programs in place. Members of these chapters are making a difference in the lives of people in their communities, especially the students in the schools where they make their presentations. They have accepted the challenge and are fulfilling the obligation of telling the story of the Korean War and helping our citizens understand the true meaning of the FREEDOMS that we all enjoy in this country. All of us must continue to tell of what we did in Korea 60 years ago to stop the advancement of Communism and allow the South Korean people to live in freedom.

I feel sure this list is not complete because I do not know about all the chapters that have active Tell America programs. I know of these chapters and their activities through the website survey, looking back through old Graybeard magazines and those I have talked with over the past 6 years that I have been Chairman. If you have an active program and your name is not on the list, I will happily add your name if you will let me know by email at larry.kinard@yahoo.com or telephone at 682-518-1040.

Click HERE for the Honor Roll List (PDF File)


March 21, 2011

TELL AMERICA PowerPoint Presentation

We have had several requests recently for a PowerPoint program that can be used in the Tell America presentations. Now we have one!!! Thanks to Ryan Yantis former Executive Director of the Korean War National Museum who put in several hours developing the program. The file can be downloaded to your computer and used with Microsoft Office PowerPoint software.

I think this can be a significant enhancement to Tell America presentations and I hope many of you will try it out. It may be a little long for some school presentations but should work well for civic clubs and other community type programs. If you do use it I would appreciate some feedback on how it works for you. Thanks again to Ryan Yantis for his good work on this!"

Larry Kinard, National Tell America Chairman

Click HERE to View or Download the File (MS PowerPoint 2010 File)

Note:  you may have to right-click the link and select "Save As" and save it to your computer in order to view the file.

To: All of our Chapters... WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Many of our chapters have active and successful Tell America programs.  Their membership is involved and they are making a difference in our schools and communities in their understanding of the Korean War and the freedoms we enjoy today.

We have very little information on which chapters have these programs, and we would like to know who has and who hasn't.  Please click the following link to a brief on-line survey designed to help give us that information.

Tell America Program Survey

Thanks for your participation in this survey.  It will be a big help for our Tell America Program.

Larry Kinard

(Posted 9/8/06)

Tell America Program Reports and Updates as Reported in The Graybeards

Diamond Sutra Recitation Group indicates interest in promoting a stronger relationship with the American people, especially the KWVA... Read More--->

Tell America Presentation - By David P. DePew

This information was developed by David DePew in 1996 and mailed to many KWVA chapters at that time.  It should be particularly helpful to those just getting started in the Tell America program.  There are two versions of this presentation. The above is designed to be used without the 31 minute video entitled "Bloody Korea".  Shortly, I will add the version that is intended to go with the video.  I can make a copy of the tape and will mail it to anyone who is interested in using it for a Tell America presentation, for $15 to cover the duplication and shipping.

Tell America School Presentation SAMPLES...

The KWVA Tell America Program DOES have an impact...

Photos from various visits to schools...


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