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Diamond Sutra Recitation Group indicates interest in promoting a stronger relationship with the American people, especially the KWVA


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I hope many of you noticed the letter from the Diamond Sutra Recitation Group on page 62 of the September-October 2006 issue of the Graybeards magazine. This organization contacted us in August to inform us of their interest in promoting a stronger relationship with the American people, especially the KWVA, because of what we did fifty years ago. They appear to be an organization we would like to maintain contact with and utilize some of their material in the Tell America Program.

They have 2 websites (www.koreanhero.net and www.koreanpatriot.net) in 6 languages about Korean culture and history. For the first part of this promotion project they are featuring a booklet about one of their national heroes, Admiral Yi Sun-sin, his life and achievements. Admiral Yi was an unparalleled naval military leader of 16th Century Korea who saved his country from the Japanese invasion of 1592 while overcoming insurmountable odds. The Diamond Sutra Group sent 300 of these booklets for distribution to KWVA members at the October Convention in San Antonio.

They have also provided Admiral Yi's story to the U.S. Naval Academy, Air Force Academy and West Point. George Washington University and Wittenberg University and several other universities are using them in their history programs. They plan to expand their program by publishing other booklets featuring King Sejong the Great and essays on other influential people in Korean history. King Sejong the Great was a ruler of great importance in Korea who demonstrated the highest ideals of leadership. Korea was at the height of her prosperity during his reign. Such prosperity was possible through his vast knowledge and wisdom in economics, arts, and military affairs.

All of these booklets are free and will be sent to KWVA chapters upon request. The Admiral Yi booklet is available now and others will be available in the near future.

I will be happy to send anyone who is interested a copy of one of these booklets so you can look through it and see if it might be something you can utilize in your program. If you want more, Mr. Yon Han (admiralyi@hotmail.com) has indicated that he will send booklets directly to the chapters upon request. They have also stated they want to encourage readers to send comments on how or what they felt about the historic figures in the books and plan to send small gifts to readers who submit thoughtful reviews.

If you are interested in receiving a copy of these booklets or have questions about this program you may call me at 682-518-1040 or e-mail larry.kinard@yahoo.com.

Larry Kinard
National Tell America Program
December 4, 2006


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