Repatriation Ceremony on 4/12/07... Messages by General B. B. Bell...

21-07 USFK Good Neighbor English Camp Message

Strong community relations (COMREL) are one of three pillars that comprise our USFK Good Neighbor Program. The USFK Good Neighbor English Camp is a wonderful peninsula-wide, integrated youth outreach activity that supports the COMREL pillar...

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Repatriation Ceremony
Presenter: General B. B. Bell
Commander, UNC/CFC/USFK
April 12, 2007, Collier Field House, Yongsan Army Garrison

Welcome to this morning's very special Repatriation Ceremony. We appreciate your attendance at this formal and solemn occasion, honoring our fallen comrades from the Korean War. In the five decades since, this great nation has become a technologically advanced, world economic power with a modern democracy...

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(Posted 4/12/07)